Friday, April 13, 2012

Golf-Themed 30th Birthday Party

My husband turned 30 in the past year and I threw him a golf-themed surprise party. It was actually a wine & cheese party with golf decor, so it was the the best of both worlds. We have thrown a wine & cheese party before and they are fab. Invite all your friends...all the ladies bring a bottle of wine and all the gentleman bring a block of cheese (encourage uniqueness) then supply plenty of pairings for the wine and cheese such as olives, dark chocolate, honey, jam, crackers, pretzels, fruit, etc. You'll be enjoying the delicious flavors all night. Special shout out to all my friends & family for their help. It was a great night and he was totally surprised. 
Check out all the details...

Tic Tac Favors & Powdered Donut Holes to serve as golf balls for the driving range.

Pretzel rods that serve as hole flags (all for hole 30!) & blue gatorade that serve as water hazards. A nice alternative would be to serve "trash cans". 

My mother made all the decorations (she's amazing)...this is a funny gift for any friends who turn 30. Though I don't think it's really true...30 is the new 20!!!

Cute center piece idea stolen from a friend. These are split peas to match the green & black color scheme. I bought the cheap bags in the Goya aisle. 

Awesome spread!

I made little pre-laminated cards so the guests could label the type of cheese (or wine) that they brought.

There was lots of wine & lots of wine glasses, so I used these cute animal glass markers that "sit" on the lip of your wine glass and help you keep track of who's glass is whose.  [Warning: Sometimes they just fall into the glass.]

Here is the AWESEOME circular fondant Titlelist golf ball cake that Byers Butterflake Bakery made!  SOOO COOL!

No Birthday party thrown by yours truly would ever be complete without CAKE POPS! 


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Antonella said...

What a great party!! I got to see the works-in-progress from your mom, which was lots of fun... yes, she is amazing!!! Nice to see all the pictures! Antonella :-)

Unknown said...

Set a date. A 30th birthday is quite a milestone, so before you choose a date for the party make sure the guest of honor doesn't already have plans for that date. You should work with her spouse or a close friend to come up with a date that works for everyone.... Birthday party decorations UK

Anonymous said...

Hello really great article. You did lot of effort and concentrated in detail of the 30th birthday party of your husband.

I loved your images and pinched one for my post 30th birthday party and I have linked back to you. I am sure that this will bring some traffic to you since lot my posts appear on google for first position.
However if you have any reservation about this please contact me. I will remove the image


Drew Watts said...

OMG!! This golf themed birthday party is awesome. Have never seen such themed party. My father’s birthday is drawing near and planning to use this theme for the day. Will have a small party at one of New York venues. Want to make it amazing.

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