Friday, January 25, 2013

Beach Themed Cupcakes

For the past several years I have made it a point to chaperone the end of the year 8th grade dance for my students. Last year was a Hawaiian Luau-themed dance and to support the kids I volunteered to make beach-themed cupcakes. They turned out be really cute, but unfortunately very few people actually got to see them. Right before the dance started a hurricane warning was administered for our area. So they had to cancel the dance and turn people away for safety's sake. It was more disappointing for the 8th graders than for me, but I was sad I couldn't show off my art work. I wound up giving them away to the few students who were there early setting up the dance, so it was not wasted. Here are some pictures. My camera quality is not the greatest, but they really were adorable!

I used blue icing for the water, graham cracker crumbs for the sand/beach, gummy life savers for inner tubes, a sour fruit roll-up type of candy for beach blankets, & icing/frosting for bathing suits. Mini umbrellas add the final touch!

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