Friday, July 8, 2011

Baby Shower Games

Hysterical! So for my friend's adorable owl-themed baby shower we also decided to stay away from the traditional baby shower games and try comical minute-to-win-it games instead. My friend Ashley is responsible for all the research and supplies. She did a great job! Everyone had a good time. We made the mommy-to-be participate in all the games and compete against her guests. When the guests arrived we assigned them a game to play by giving them a sticker so they wouldn't forget. Everyone had fun playing them after food was served and before we opened presents. 

Check out the 6 awesome games below!

Separation Anxiety:

Each player gets a bag of M&M's that are hidden under an upside-down plastic cup and 6 bowls (one for each color of the M&M's). When it's time to start each player takes away the cup and separates their M&M's into the colored bowls. They may only use one hand. And the biggest challenge is that they have to go in colored order based on the the labeled bowls. After a minute is up whichever contestant went through the order the most times, wins!

Baby Blocks: 

Each player takes a plate and places it on their head. Then has to stack the blocks one at a time, balancing on top of their head. We had most of the players just stack four blocks. But we had the mommy-to-be spell out Trevor, the baby's name.

Hanky Panky:

You will need one small tissue box for each player. That's all the supplies you need. Everyone has a minute. One hand holds the box the other hand has to pull out as many tissues from the box as possible. Rapid Fire. It's really funny to watch and their are tissues everywhere at the end!

Baby Rattle: 

You need two empty & clean soda bottles and 1 bag of small gum balls for each player in this game. To assemble, pour gum balls into one of the containers then attach the bottles together at the opening using duct tape or another strong adhesive. Make sure all gum balls are on side before you play. When it's time to start the contestants flip the "rattle" upside-down and start shaking until all gum balls make their way to the other bottle. They can hold the rattle anyway they like but they can not swirl or stop. They must be shaking the whole time. It's more challenging than you think. 

Thirsty Baby:

Fill baby bottles up with water and the contestants have a minute to drink as much water as they can out of the bottle the way a baby would. It's really funny to watch!

How The Baby Was Made:

Saving the best for last! This game is the funniest. You may cry a little or wet your pants!!! The players break into pairs. One person starts by putting a plunger between their legs. (See above). The other player puts a toilet paper roll between their legs. They should stand several yards apart facing each other. When it's time to start, the person with the plunger has to run over (more like waddle or jump) and insert the plunger into the toilet paper roll. They have to make some angle adjustments, but neither player may use their hands. 

This is me in hysterics because we could not get it to work!

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Roxana said...

Instead of a toilet paper roll, you could use empty milk formula can.

DanaDid said...

The plunger game looks hilarious, may have to use this game!

Anonymous said...

Plunger game is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Love these! The separation anxiety and plunger games look like fun!

Anonymous said...

I was laughing just reading your posts I can only imagine actually playing them. Thanks for the posts.

Cuttysark said...

Great Blog! Thanks for sharing your Fun Baby Shower Games, it seems everyone had a good laugh.

Valerie Anderson said...

Wow, what a great list of games for baby shower! Actually, my friend's going to have a baby shower soon and I'm gonna recommend your baby shower games ideas...

thanks for sharing!

jk sozib said...

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Baby Games said...

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marsedo said...

Thank you for the ideas! The plunger game looks like fun but I feel the friend I'm planning the shower for won't think it's as awesome as I do. I'll remember this game for when I have my shower!!!

Jemima Jamie said...

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Anonymous said...

Where did you buy the little B-A-B-Y letters blocks ?

Mindy Stuckart said...

Thanks for sharing these games. I am planning a surprise baby shower for my daughter (my 1st Grandchild). And these will be wonderful to add to the party.

Mindy in Appleton, WI

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