Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lancaster City Breakfast Tour - Commonwealth on Queen

Today was the third stop of our Lancaster City Breakfast Tour. (Read about stops #1 & #2 first.) We ventured out after 3 days of snow & several days of an awful stomach bug. :-( Because it was still snowing, there were plenty of places available to park in front of this morning's latest breakfast spot: Commonwealth on Queen. It's located on the corner of Queen Street and Walnut Street across from another awesome spot, Fractured Prune Donuts. This used to be where the Shoppes at 301 were located. Commonwealth has not been open that long and you probably don't think of them as a breakfast place because they do so much more: Pop-up Dinners, Pop-up Yoga, Tango Lessons, Tastings, Parties, Workshops, etc. Check out their events page to learn more about what they are up to. It appears they are always up to something.

Banana Nutella Waffle. Lots of Nutella!

What We Ate: A single Banana Nutella Waffle (ask for a double decker if you want two), Health Nut Yogurt Parfait, breakfast sandwich & coffee. 

What Brought Me Joy: They have pour-over coffee. Some of my favorite spots in Lancaster (The Baker's Table, Roaring Brook Market & Cafe) have pour-over coffee.

The decor. The place is just really chic & cool. You feel a little underdressed if you stroll in with a hoodie on. The big windows, the fireplace, the open layout, you know it's a great spot to a host an event. If I weren't already married I would consider having a rehearsal dinner here!

Water. I love love love when places serve you water in glass bottles like these. #littlethings

What You Should Order: Their signature is The Barn Burner. Be sure to get it if you like spicy food.

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Obligatory Pic Of My Son:

Next Stop: TBD. We will be out of town next weekend and moving the weekend after that. So it may be several Saturdays til we venture out again. Where should we go next?

Here is my disclaimer that I will be putting in all of my posts: I want My Lancaster City Breakfast Tour to be an informative & fun experience for those who read about it. My hope is, that based on one of my recommendations, you will be enticed to go to one (or all) of these spots and enjoy them for yourselves. For the record, I will only be focusing on the positive parts of each restaurant/cafe that I go to. So if I had bad service or a meal that I didn't enjoy, I will choose to omit that from my review. Keep that in mind as you're reading. I'm not some 5 star critic or restaurant connoisseur, just a hungry patron, so I'm going to keep my experiences simple and up-beat. I hope you enjoy the tour!
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