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Lancaster City Breakfast Tour - ForkNSpoon Cafe

Stop #2 on my Lancaster City Breakfast Tour was ForkNSpoon Cafe. (Stop #1 was On Orange) They are located on Gallery Row of Prince Street on the same block as one of my favorite spots in Lancaster City, Pour. They have been open for a little over 2 years. I like to go here when the weather is warmer and you can eat outside. But I'm not complaining about going in the winter, the food is still fantastic!

Here is my disclaimer that I will be putting in all of my posts: I want My Lancaster City Breakfast Tour to be an informative & fun experience for those who read about it. My hope is, that based on one of my recommendations, you will be enticed to go to one (or all) of these spots and enjoy them for yourselves. For the record, I will only be focusing on the positive parts of each restaurant/cafe that I go to. So if I had bad service or a meal that I didn't enjoy, I will choose to omit that from my review. Keep that in mind as you're reading. I'm not some 5 star critic or restaurant connoisseur, just a hungry patron, so I'm going to keep my experiences simple and up-beat. I hope you enjoy the tour!

What We Ate: Bananas Foster, ForkNSpoon Breakfast Waffle, & Red Eyes

Bananas Foster!!!

What Brought Me Joy: Their hospitality is above par. They were very friendly and appreciative of our patronage. Most restaurants/cafes around Lancaster have nice, friendly staff, but ForkNSpoon, they are better than most.

They have a great sense of humor. This is evident by the signs they have up in their front area.

They run a great Facebook page.  They will post changes in their menu, featured items, pictures of their food, something funny, upcoming events, etc. They are an asset to their community. They will post about a missing dog, snow closings, information about other local businesses. Overall, they just do a nice job of running an active, engaging FB page. I appreciate that.

A great menu selection. Plenty of coffee drinks to choose from. Plus on Saturday mornings you can get classic breakfast options like Toad in the Hole or pancakes, but you can also get soup or a sandwich if that's what you're in the mood for. I have trouble deciding what to get because it's all so good.

They do neat things like Sinatra Sundays or a 5 course Valentine's Day dinner. It's not too late to get in for their Valentine's meal, but you have to make reservations.

What You Should Order: Their signature breakfast herb waffle is a must.

Breakfast Waffle in all it's glory.

If you prefer something sweet to savory I've narrowed it down to these 3: Bananas Foster (it's like french toast, only better...the sauce makes it!), Yogurt Parfait (a great summer time treat), & the grilled Nutella, banana & strawberry tortilla (it's hard to go wrong when Nutella is involved).

This was taken August 2013.
Can't wait to enjoy that yogurt parfait again, outside, on a warm summer day!

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Obligatory Pic Of My Son:

The whole family gets dressed up for Saturday morning breakfast! :-)
Next Stop: It's always up in the air, but we plan on heading to Commonwealth on Queen for our next Tour Stop! See ya there?

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