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Lancaster City Breakfast Tour - The Baker's Table

Hopefully you've been keeping up with my Lancaster City Breakfast Tour and have been enjoying my visits so-far. If you've missed any be sure to check out my previous stops which were On Orange, ForkNSpoon Cafe, Commonwealth on Queen, & Aussie And The Fox.

Stop #5 on my Lancaster City Breakfast Tour was the one & only Baker's Table. This place is FANTASTIC. They are located in Urban Place (across the street from another awesome Lancaster City place, Quips Pub) & affiliated with The Cork Factory Hotel. Baker's Table is located in Lancaster City, but not downtown. I've noticed it's less crowded on Saturday mornings than the rest of my tour stops. Therefore, it's the perfect place to go when you want a quiet morning. ;-) 

What We Ate: The Baker's Breakfast, Coffee, Girl Scout Cupcakes, Mocha Eclair, Chocolate Chip Cookie (The last 3 we took home in a to-go box).

What Brought Me Joy: Their food. So much to choose from & all so so good.

Atmosphere. It's just a really chill spot. There is tons of stuff to look at. From greeting cards, to cook books, from paper place mats, to aprons, to colorful whisks, to random knick-knacks. It's a fun place to be. If you need to study or get work done, i would recommend spending the afternoon here. 


What You Should Order: The Quiche. This is phenomenal. They give you a very generous portion & serve with a side salad (adorbs). They usually have two different kinds to choose from and it's not like any quiche you've every prepared at home, trust me. This was actually the same quiche that was served at my baby shower. And if it's good enough for Baby Stoltzfoos, then it's good enough for you too. 

Baker's Breakfast (you can only get this on weekends). For $8.95 you can get all-you-can-eat made-to-order omelettes, delicious waffles with strawberries & homemade whip cream which tastes like vanilla bean ice-cream, plus whatever hot items they have on the side that day...usually hashbrown potatoes, bacon, and sausage. It's an awesome, filling breakfast & it's the perfect blend of sweet & savory. This is my go-to at Baker's Table.

Pour-over coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee Company. My fave is Three Africans. It's awesome to watch the pour-over process. 

BAGEL BOMBS!!! A sphere-shaped bagel with cream cheese & other deliciousness on the inside.

You can't go wrong with any of their awesome pastries, but I love the homemade S'more Pop-Tart (ask them to heat it up for you) or take it home and toast it. Delicious! They have other types of homemade pop-tarts to choose from. I also love their buttery, delightful croissants. Yum. They just have so many sweets to choose from. So when you leave, make sure you take something with you!

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Obligatory Pic Of My Son:

Here he is at his first trip to The Baker's Table at 2 weeks old!

Here he is at The Baker's Table at 9 months old!
I really can't say enough great things about Baker's Table. I think full disclosure is needed here. I'm biased when it comes to The Baker's Table. It's my favorite morning spot in all of Lancaster County. I've been going here often since before my Breakfast Tour obsession began. I enjoy going to dinner at Cork & Cap. I think their bar is awesome. I love the Cork Factory hotel, my husband & I will stay there on special occasions. My baby shower was even here. I have nothing but awesome things to say about this place. So, just so you know, my glowing review is based on many mornings at The Baker's Table. 

Here is my disclaimer that I've put on all of my posts: I want My Lancaster City Breakfast Tour to be an informative & fun experience for those who read about it. My hope is, that based on one of my recommendations, you will be enticed to go to one (or all) of these spots and enjoy them for yourselves. For the record, I will only be focusing on the positive parts of each restaurant/cafe that I go to. So if I had bad service or a meal that I didn't enjoy, I will choose to omit that from my review. Keep that in mind as you're reading. I'm not some 5 star critic or restaurant connoisseur, just a hungry patron, so I'm going to keep my experiences simple and up-beat. I hope you have been enjoying this tour, so far!

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