Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lancaster City Breakfast Tour - On Orange

My Lancaster City Breakfast Tour is off to a great start. I want this to be an informative & fun experience for those who read it. My hope is, that based on one of my recommendations, you will be enticed to go to one (or all) of these spots and enjoy them for yourselves. For the record, I will only be focusing on the positive parts of each restaurant/cafe that I go to. So if I had bad service or a meal that I didn't enjoy, I will choose to omit that from my review. Keep that in mind as you're reading. I'm not some 5 star critic or restaurant connoisseur, just a hungry patron, so I'm going to keep my experiences simple and up-beat. I hope you enjoy the tour! ;-)

First stop on my Lancaster City Breakfast Tour was On Orange, which of course, is located on Orange Street. They did not disappoint. If you've been before you may recognize it as "Wish You Were Here". This was the restaurant located in the same spot about 5 years ago. 

What We Ate:  "The Old Standby", Swedish Pancakes, Baked Oatmeal, Toast & Coffee.

What Brought Me Joy: They give you a sweet little treat at the end of your meal with the check. Bite-sized cookies made by Wendy Jo's. So cute! This especially warms my heart because Wendy Jo has a stand at Lancaster Central Market like I do. (Insert shameless Buona Tavola Fresh Pasta plug here)

Their bathrooms. I know that's a weird thing to enjoy, but they were so cute! I regret not getting a picture of them. ;-)

Their mug club. Here is a pic of their cool mugs. They hang on the walls with your name next to it. If you frequent On Orange & are a coffee/tea drinker, then it's worth the investment. ;-) These cool mugs are made by Cracked Clay that also make AWESOME beer steins!

What You Should Order: Pancakes. Get the pancakes. They are the same scrumptious Swedish recipe from WYWH. Quote from my husband: "Best pancakes in Lancaster County." They are made with organic oats and they are the size of your head.

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Obligatory Pic of my Son: 

The staff & patrons were good to him. Thanks, On Orange for a delicious morning!

Next Stop: Read about our visit to ForkNSpoon Cafe here!

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