Friday, July 1, 2011

Mint Oreo Cake Pops

I was at a friend's bridal shower a few weeks ago. I had made special bride & groom cake pops for the occasion but there were other awesome foods & desserts at the party too. There were these delicious pastel-colored oreo cake balls. As each guest took a bite into them they realized they weren't just oreo, they were mint-flavored too! MINT!! LOOOOOVE Mint! We were trying to figure out the secret. Was it mint extract? Was the melted chocolate that the oreo was dipped into mint-flavored? Well it dawned on me when I was at the grocery store recently. The cake balls (which don't actually have cake in them) are made from Mint Oreos! Amazing!!!! These are just as fun to work with as the regular cake balls. But a little less time consuming because you don't have to bake an actual cake. They work well if you need to freeze them too.

1 18 oz. package of mint oreos
1 8 oz. package of cream cheese, softened
All additional supplies for making cake pops: melted chocolate, sticks, etc.

Place oreos (several at a time) in a small food processor. [It's crazy how the green oreo creme filling just disappears!]
Once all the oreos are broken down mix in broken up pieces of soft cream cheese.
Mix with fork and spatula.
Use hands to form oreo balls. Approximately 30.
Freeze then proceed with regular cake pop directions.

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