Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cupcake On A Stick

With the popularity of cake pops it seems like food-on-a-stick is all the rage now. I got these adorable flower-shaped tins from my mom and decided to play around with them. I was making Beach-Themed cupcakes for the school dance and had some extra batter, so I used the tins to make Cupcake-on-a-stick! 

They are called Blossom/Flower Cookie Pop Pans from Wilton and they are fun to play with. You are suppose to use them for cookies, but I went with cupcakes instead. Don't forget to spray with cooking spray before hand! (or grease the tins). I baked them for close to the same amount of time that regular cupcakes were called for, but I watched them carefully and took them out early. The amount of time you bake them depends on if you want to use a homemade cupcake recipe or use one from the box. Once your cakes have cooled, remove from tins, ice & decorate. You can always use a cake pop stand to display them!

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