Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Easter Bunny Cake Pops

I made these super cute bunny rabbit cake pops for Easter this year. The secret was to use pastel pink colored candy corn as the ears. I had to cut off the tips and "glue" them on upside down using melted pink chocolate. The noses are big pink heart sprinkles. I used pink gel icing to draw on the mouths. They were a hit!

I was short on cake pop stands when I made these so I had learned a trick about using old egg cartons instead. They worked nicely since I didn't make too many cake pops. They made transport in the car easy as well. 

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Lucy said...

Loving these cake pops. We want more! Are you still using styrofoam and egg cartons to display them?

Marty said...

I found your blog through a Facebook post by my cousin, Lena. I'm always looking for new recipes so foody blogs are my favorite. Looking forward to checking out your blog's previous postings.

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