Sunday, June 26, 2011

Graduation Cake Pops

I recently made some graduation cake pops for a friend's party. I also made some for my brother-in-law who is finishing up his graduates degree from Georgetown Business School (Yay Benj!). As you can see they are really cute. But what I learned is they are actually one of the easiest cake pops to make. They also taste so good too! Be careful, everyone will think they are peanut butter cups. You should put out a sign.

To start you have to make extra small cake balls. They need to fit inside the candy cup molds. Pour a little bit of melted chocolate in cups, then place the cake balls in cups (smoosh them down a little, if needed) and try not to let anything overflow. Then cover with more melted chocolate. 

Insert sticks immediately and place in freezer. 

How cool are these? Use these and mini m&m's to create the tassels on the graduation caps. Use a knife to cut into strips or to just start the separation, they will pull nicely apart if you get the cut started. 

The actual caps are those Ghiardelli dark chocolate squares (there are other brands available). But you can also get square shaped candy molds. Take the cake pops out of the freezer then pop them out of the molds. Use melted chocolate to attach.

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