Saturday, September 25, 2010

This Week's Dinner Menu

Ok, I admit it, i'm not perfect.

There I said it. You'll never see me post that again, so save it forever.

I set out for the week with the best of intentions. We try to eat out less than we did in the past, we try to eat healthier, and I try to have dinner ready for my husband when he comes home. I plan all my meals ahead of time, go grocery shopping a week in advance, pre-prepare and meals that I can. But this week didn't go well. I forgot to defrost the chicken, I realized that the meal would take too long to prepare, we had to squeeze in a 1.5 hour P90X yoga session and cook chicken & dumplings which take 2 hours to prepare. I didn't want to make TOO many Mexican dishes, so I had to make a change to that. Small group is coming over for dinner, it's easier to do a Pizza Bar than to do a Taco Bake. Plus I didn't know that this week was Oyster Festival @ Annie Bailey's!!! So needless to say, I threw last week's dinner menu out the window and am starting fresh this week. You may see some repeats...get over it...

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