Sunday, September 12, 2010

Why I Love Darrenkamps

Darrenkamps is the locally owned grocery store nearby my home. At first I thought it was just like any other grocery store. But after a year or so of shopping there I realized how much I love shopping there. The employees are so pleasant and helpful. Also, they have a whole section in their produce department of pre-cut food. I know this might seem useless and a waste to some shoppers. But for someone who values their time over a few bucks I find this to be a life-saver! I cook a lot and not having to spend time chopping & dicing makes a big different for me. Maybe I'm just a bad slicer & dicer, but for me to chop up these vegetables myself would take an hour. And that's an hour I could spend reading a book or being with the ones I love. It's worth it. Thank you Darrenkamps!

Pre-diced celery, onions, and carrots

Pre-cut melons, pineapple, and watermelon

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