Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cake Pops (Bears)

These are pretty cute. I used another snow day to work on these with some fellow teacher friends.

You use M&M's, cut in half, to create the ears. Then heart sprinkles & edible eyes for the rest of the face. 

The edible-ink pens only do so much before drying out and becoming difficult to use. So we used alternative methods. We took leftover vanilla frosting and mixed it with food coloring to create a dark gray/dark blue/black palet. Then we used toothpicks to draw the smiles on. They turned out great!

We ran out of eyes so my poor husband ran around town trying to find them for me. They sell them at AC Moore and Michael's in the candy/cake making isles. But they were off to the side so they are hard to find. He had to go back a second time to actually find them and the sales person he talked to didn't even know what they were. But trust me, they are there. They aren't cheap, but totally worth it. Painting on eyes can be tedious and if you don't have the right size circle sprinkles it's a pain. Plus those edible-ink pens aren't always reliable. 

We didn't have enough brown M&M's so I switched to all-blue bears and then used orange accents for the regular brown bears. I've heard of making these for a baby shower. Blue bears if it's a boy and pink bears if it's a girl.

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