Saturday, February 26, 2011

Egg McMuffins (at home)

We had a 2-hour delay (again) this week. Luckily school wasn't closed completely otherwise we would have to take a day back from our Easter Break. I can't believe we are still getting snow, but at least I'm taking advantage of it. Normally I just have a bowl of cereal for breakfast or a fiber bar as I'm running out the door. Sometimes I wait to eat breakfast at work before the kids show up for homeroom. It's nice having a 2 hour delay and being able to take my time. Gerald was outside shoveling the driveway and warming up my car (he's awesome!) so I thought I'd make us both breakfast. Turned out great! The recipe below is for one sandwich. 

1 egg
1 egg white
tiny onion
1/4 of a bell pepper
1 tbsp bacon bits
1 whole grain sandwich thin, preferably Arnold's
1 clove of minced garlic or 1/2 tsp garlic powder (optional)
1/2 tsp of butter (optional)
non-stick cooking spray
1 circular can of peanuts or something else that fits a sandwich thing

Use a non-stick pan or spray a medium-sized pan with olive oil cooking spray over medium heat.
Whisk egg, egg white, peppers, and bacon bits together in a small bowl.
Place circular can on pan and poor egg mixture inside.
You may have to hold the can down tight so that the egg mixture won't leak out from underneath (at least for a little while) but it might actually hold on it's own.
Let it cook for about a minute or two, once the egg mixture firms up, you'll notice that it'll hold on it's own and you can lift up the can.
Flip over the egg and cook the other side.
Meanwhile, toast an Arnold's sandwich, spread sides with just a lil' bit of butter and top with garlic powder or actual minced garlic.
Place egg on bread top with ketchup or hot sauce or nothing at all.

This recipe was inspired by Roni from GreenLiteBites. What a genius idea! She has some amazing dishes on her site. The Mexican pizza I made the other night was from her site. Also the peppers stuffed with quinoa was from her. You should check her stuff out it's delicious and you can feel good about yourself when you try out those healthy recipes.

What do you think? Comments? Suggestions? I would love to know that you visited my blog. Please leave me a message letting me know you were here! Did you try out a recipe? Let me know! I would love to hear from you :-)

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Lucy said...

Sounds yummy, but I don't know about the garlic and onions BEFORE going to work!

Here's the WW one that I've used--less ingredients than yours. I would use those sandwich thins rather than the English Muffins--I really like those--

1 Low Fat English Muffin
1/4 Cup Egg Beaters® or other egg substitute
1 Slice Canadian Bacon (1/2 oz)
1/2 Slice nonfat cheese
Cook the egg substitute in a pan sprayed with cooking spray until done. (Cook it like an omelet and fold over as it gets cooked). Toast the muffin. Place the bacon and cheese on the toasted muffin and microwave for 20 seconds. Place the omelet on the muffin.

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