Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another post about Guacamole

As some of you know I'm on a quest to make the perfect guacamole. I got lots of great feedback from my friends & family and have continued to grow in my knowledge of avocados and guacamole-making. 

My mom has helped me further on this quest by presenting me with her own guacamole mix. It was just one of my many awesome cooking-theme Christmas presents.

I got to test it out a couple times over my Christmas break. First, i made it at our extended Fisher Family Christmas get together. 

I paired it with these awesome new Tostitos that I found. They are roasted garlic and black bean flavored. They also go very nicely with my Fiesta Bean Dip. These Artisan Recipe Tostitos also come in Chipotle Flavor which is also pretty awesome. I highly recommend them.

My mom's mix comes with instructions. For every mashed avocado that you use you should add 2 tsp of the guacamole mix and 1/2 tsp of fresh lime juice. I also threw in some onions and just a touch of red pepper flakes to give it a kick. Once again, it came out amazing.

So I decided to try my luck down in Myrtle Beach. My husband & I got away after all the Christmas parties and spent a few days down south. I stumbled across the large green avocados which i had never used before. They don't sell those kind at Darrenkamp's so it peaked my curiosity. I wanted to try both kind of avocados and compare the difference. But I couldn't tell if one kind was better than the other. Once again, it came out delicious. I just love love love guacamole. Here are some pictures of my masterpiece. Enjoy!

I would love to know that you visited my blog or tried out a recipe. Leave me some love & encouragement!

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Lucy said...

Glad to see you liked the mix. I think I sent you an email with the ingredients, but if I didn't, let me know.
I haven't seen those chips around here. I'll have to look.

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